Training Information

Open AI has no knowledge of any events after early to mid 2021 so, to try to ensure that SLT AI gives you answers based on the latest research and current guidance, we have trained our model with the following information.
AuthorTitleDate SLT Trained
Catholic School InspectorateInspection Handbook 2023Nov-23
Catholic School InspectorateInspectorate Judgement DescriptorFeb-24
Church of EnglandSIAMS Framework 2023Sep-23
DfEA Competency Framework for GovernorsSep-23
DfEAcademy Trust Handbook 2023Oct-23
DfEAnnex A - Trust Quality DescriptionsJul-23
DfEBehaviour in SchoolsFeb-24
DfEClerking Competency FrameworkSep-23
DfECommissioning High-Quality TrustsJul-23
DfEDevelopment MattersFeb-24
DfEEarly Career FrameworkSep-23
DfEEarly Years Foundation Statutory FrameworkFeb-24
DfEEarly Years Handbook 2024Nov-23
DfEExploring School Collaboration and Workload ReductionJul-23
DfEFlexible Working in SchoolsFeb-24
DfEGovernance HandbookSep-23
DfEInduction for Early Career Teachers (England)Sep-23
DfEInitial Teacher Training and Early Career FrameworkJan-24
DfEKeeping Children Safe in Education (KCSiE 2023)Jun-23
DfENational Curriculum (England)Nov-23
DfESchool Teachers Pay and Conditions 2023Nov-23
DfESEND Code of PracticeSep-23
DfEStandards for British Schools OverseasJan-24
DfESuspension and Permanent Exclusion from Maintained Schools, Academies and Pupil Referral Units in England, including Pupil MovementFeb-24
DfEThe Best Start in Life Part 1: Setting the SceneAug-23
DfEThe Best Start in Life Part 2: The 3 Prime Areas of LearningSep-23
DfEThe Equality Act 2010 and SchoolsFeb-24
DfEThe Reading FrameworkJul-23
DfEUsing Pupil PremiumMar-24
DfEWebsite Requirements (Maintained, Academies and Free Schools)Sep-23
DfEWorking Together to Improve AttendanceJun-23
EEFEffective Professional DevelopmentJun-23
EEFImprove Literacy in Secondary SchoolsJun-23
EEFImproving Behaviour in SchoolsJun-23
EEFImproving Literacy in Key Stage 2Jun-23
EEFImproving Mathematics in Early Years and Key Stage 1Jun-23
EEFImproving Mathematics in Key Stage 2 and 3Jun-23
EEFImproving Secondary ScienceJun-23
EEFImproving Social and Emotional Learning in Primary SchoolsJun-23
EEFMaking the Best Use of Teaching AssistantsJun-23
EEFMetacognition and Self Regulated LearningJun-23
EEFPreparing for LiteracyJun-23
EEFPutting Evidence to Work - A Schools Guide to ImplementationJun-23
EEFSpecial Educational Needs in Mainstream SchoolsJun-23
EEFTeacher Feedback to Improve Pupil LearningJun-23
EEFUsing Digital Technology to Improve LearningJun-23
EEFWorking with Parents to Support Children's LearningJun-23
EstynInspection FrameworkJan-24
HM GovernmentPrevent Duty (September 2023)Sep-23
HM GovernmentWorking Together to Safeguard Children 2023Jan-24
Independent Schools InspectorateInspection FrameworkJan-24
OFSTEDCoordinating mathematical success: the mathematics subject reportJun-23
OFSTEDEIF September 2023Sep-23
OFSTEDFinding the Optimum: he Science Subject ReportJul-23
OFSTEDGetting our Bearings: Geography Subject ReportSep-23
OFSTEDInspector Training Guide - Art & Design (Primary)Jun-23
OFSTEDInspector Training Guide - Art & Design (Secondary)Jun-23
OFSTEDInspector Training Guide - Computing (Primary)Jun-23
OFSTEDInspector Training Guide - Computing (Secondary)Jun-23
OFSTEDInspector Training Guide - English (Primary)Jun-23
OFSTEDInspector Training Guide - English (Secondary)Jun-23
OFSTEDInspector Training Guide - Geography (Primary)Jun-23
OFSTEDInspector Training Guide - Geography (Secondary)Jun-23
OFSTEDInspector Training Guide - History (Primary)Jun-23
OFSTEDInspector Training Guide - History (Secondary)Jun-23
OFSTEDInspector Training Guide - Languages (Primary)Jun-23
OFSTEDInspector Training Guide - Languages (Secondary)Jun-23
OFSTEDInspector Training Guide - Maths (Primary)Jun-23
OFSTEDInspector Training Guide - Maths (Secondary)Jun-23
OFSTEDLevelling the Playing Field: the Physical Education Subject ReportSep-23
OFSTEDMusic - Striking the Right NoteOct-23
OFSTEDResearch Review Series: Art and DesignJun-23
OFSTEDResearch Review Series: ComputingJun-23
OFSTEDResearch Review Series: EnglishJun-23
OFSTEDResearch Review Series: GeographyJun-23
OFSTEDResearch Review Series: HistoryJun-23
OFSTEDResearch Review Series: LanguagesJun-23
OFSTEDResearch Review Series: MathematicsJun-23
OFSTEDResearch Review Series: MusicJun-23
OFSTEDResearch Review Series: PEJun-23
OFSTEDResearch Review Series: Religious EducationJun-23
OFSTEDResearch Review Series: ScienceJun-23
OFSTEDRich encounters with the past: history subject reportJun-23
OFSTEDSchool Inspection Handbook - September 2023Sep-23
OFSTEDTelling the Story: The English Education Subject ReportMar-24
DfEWraparound Childcare Guidance for SchoolsMar-24
DfEArranging Education for Children Who Cannot Attend School Because of Health NeedsApr-24
DfEHeadteachers' StandardsApr-24
DfESummary of Responsibilities Where a Mental Health Issue is Affecting AttendanceApr-24
OFSTEDResearch and Analysis: Deep and Meaningful? The Religious Education ReportApr-24
Penta InternationalCriteria for Making JudgementsJan-24