Saving me countless hours each day!

Rachel Stephenson | Head Teacher - Holme Valley Primary School

SLT AI has proven to be an invaluable tool for me as Head Teacher, saving me countless hours each day. The range of tools available, such as the email writer, letter response, newsletter writer, and parent communication, have become indispensable in my daily tasks. What’s even better is that the responses generated can be easily downloaded as a Word document, allowing for quick and efficient editing, although I rarely find the need to do so. This feature alone has been a game-changer for me.

In addition to the aforementioned tools, SLT AI also provides useful features like attendance plans and behaviour plans, which have significantly reduced the workload for my pastoral team. It’s reassuring to know that these tools are in place to support their efforts, ultimately allowing them to focus on providing quality care and guidance to our students.

One of the aspects I truly appreciate about SLT AI is that the platform is constantly evolving and being updated. The developers are committed to enhancing the user experience, and I have witnessed firsthand the positive impact of their efforts. Recently, a welcome addition was made to include pupil voice questions, which has proven to be a valuable tool for our subject leaders. This feature enables them to assess whether our students have retained the content taught, allowing for more targeted and effective questioning strategies.

Having experienced the tremendous benefits of SLT AI, I wholeheartedly recommend this platform to all busy school leaders. The time saved is immeasurable, and the value it brings to our daily operations is worth every penny invested. The convenience, efficiency, and ongoing enhancements make it an indispensable resource for school leaders seeking to optimize their time and maximize their impact.

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