It’s a no-brainer!

James Tibble | Head Teacher - Bridge & Patrixbourne CEP School

I’ve been using SLT AI for about three months now and frankly, I’m not sure how I managed without it!

I started using this to write my weekly newsletter to parents, whilst this still needs editing to reflect my own unique writing style (a subtle combination of gentle sarcasm and humour!) I would say that this saves me at least an hour every week.

I’ve also used the parent communication tool to write to parents about the benefits of a hot school meal in the winter months and supporting the PTA; I’ve even published these on my school website. It makes writing about a specific topic a breeze.

When my governors came for a monitoring visit focusing on SEN, I put that into SLT AI and it generated 10 questions for them to focus on (I did narrow this down to three – there’s only so much governor scrutiny I can take) but they were also really impressed with how good it was. It even gave them prompts on what to look for as they walked around the school – brilliant for inexperienced governors.

I also found this immensely useful when doing appraisals. I have been able to focus more on my conversation with the appraisee rather than trying to work out how to word specific targets.

For me, SLT AI has not just saved me time but it’s given me a starting point where previously I would be starting with a blank screen. I have recommended this to over 15 headteachers and they have all been impressed and told me that they were also going to sign up.

The price of the tool, makes this a no-brainer for me and if there’s one thing I think it’s a no-brainer!

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