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  • Created by School Leaders: I’ve been there. Everything you’re struggling with now, is a problem I’ve faced. Until recently, I was a Head Teacher. I was frustrated. Every day my admin tasks would pile up, and I’d have less and less time to do my real job: LEADING. Newsletters, policies, emails, the SIP, the SEF… the list was endless – enter SLT AI and its vast array of tools will turn those admin hours into minutes.
  • Personalised Responses: SLT AI uses your specific information to personalise the reply.  This not only includes things like your school type and your specific context but also information from your complaints policy and behaviour policy to ensure you get a high-quality, individually tailored response. 
  • Evidence Based Responses: Trained on extensive datasets from DfE, OFSTED, EEF, and more, SLT AI offers evidence-based responses to all your pressing questions.
  • Significant Time Saving: Our 85+ tools have been designed specifically to support school leaders providing high quality, personalised, evidence based responses.  SLT AI has just done 80 – 90% of the work for you so you can spend less time at your desk and more time with pupils and staff!

What Our School Leaders Say...

Why Not Just Use ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is great but it only has a very general knowledge, especially when it comes to school management and leadership.  As an example, you can see in this screenshot ChatGPT very confidently giving a very wrong answer to a question about the SEND Code of Practice.

So, how is SLT AI any better?

SLT AI has been specifically trained on a huge amount of information from the DfE, EEF, OFSTED and much more (for a full up-to-date list of training information see here).  This means that any answer or response from SLT AI will be an informed response based on the information it has been given, not a general, uninformed reply that you would get from ChatGPT.

Not only that, SLT AI uses school specific information (school type, your individual context, even your complaints and behaviour policies etc) so that you get a personalised, informed response based on all the information that makes your school unique.

Our Founder

Craig McKee (FCCT) - Former Head Teacher

Craig has over 20 years’ experience in education. During this time, he served as Deputy Head in a school that moved from “Good” to “Outstanding” in their OFSTED inspection and achieved National Teacher School status. Currently, he serves as a governor in a school that also moved from “Good” to “Outstanding” during its latest inspection in 2023.

As a Deputy Head Teacher in a Teaching School and Head Teacher within an Academy Trust, Craig has been actively involved in supporting other schools, teachers, and leaders through designing and delivering CPD sessions and conducting peer reviews to help school with their self assessment. He collaborated with the Department for Education (DfE) to create exemplification materials for the National Curriculum when it was rewritten in 2014. He has also participated in expert groups at the (STA) to review and shape SATs questions.

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SLT AI Tools

Chat Now

Free discussion giving you evidence based responses on all things school improvement.

Accessibility Plan

Write your school Accessibility Plan.

Assembly Writer

Enter a theme to be given a story, questions and final reflection.

Attendance Letter

Write a personalised letter to parents regarding attendance.

Attendance Plan

Create an individualised attendance plan for pupils.

Behaviour Plan

A personalised behaviour plan for pupils.

Bid Writer

Will help with the wording for your bid applications.

Case Study

Writes a case study to demonstrate impact.

Change Management

A comprehensive strategy to help successfully manage change in your school.

Code of Conduct

Supporting writing your Code of Conduct specific to each role.

Collective Worship

Enter a theme to find a relevant bible story, questions, prayer and closing reflection.

Combating Imposter Syndrome

Support and practical advice to combat Imposter Syndrome.

Communication Simplifier

Simplifies an email or letter making it more accessible for EAL parents etc.

Complaint Response

Complaint response based on your school's policy.

CPD Planner

A comprehensive outline for professional development.

Critical Friend

SLT AI can help to probe your thinking acting as a critical friend.

Cultural Capital

A cultural capital statement based on your school type and context.

Curriculum Progression

Provides a progression of skills from an overall objective.

Curriculum Rationale

A statement explaining your curriculum choices.

Deep Dive Preparation

Questions you might be asked with examples of what strong evidence looks like.

Difficult Conversations

Suggested points and wording for difficult conversations.

ECT Report Writer

An end of term report written against the teaching standards.

Email Writer

An email written based on your writing style.

Equality Duty

A statement to show how you comply with the PSED requirements.

Equality Objectives

Writes your equality objectives and action plan.

EYFS Action Planner

Action plans specifically designed for Early Years.

Financial Benchmark Summary

A summary of your financial benchmarking dashboard.

Governor Questions

A list of supportive and challenging questions for governors to ask.

Governor Updates

A report to update governors on actions and impact in school.

Head's Report to Governors

Commentaries to include in your Head's Report to Governors.

Inspire Me

Assembly ideas, Safeguarding reminders, monitoring activities etc.

Internal Updates

Writes a briefing to send to staff sharing successes and upcoming notices.

Interview Questions

Questions specific to the role including suggestions of what to look for in the answer.

Job Adverts

A compelling job advert designed to attract the very best candidates.

Job Description

Clear, detailed job descriptions tailored to your setting.

Leadership Mentor

Use our Leadership Mentor to help with probe your thinking and develop understanding.

Learning Walk Planner

Things to look for, questions to ask and follow up triangulation activities.

Lesson Observation Feedback

Lesson feedback mapped against the teaching standards.

Letter Repsonse

Writes a response to a letter that you have received.

Marketing Plan

Create a marketing plan to actively promote your school.

Mental Health Conversation

A conversation guide to help support and improve mental health.

Monitoring Follow Up

Feedback writer and next steps following monitoring activities.

Monitoring Schedule

A suggested monitoring schedule broken down by term across the academic year.

Newsletter Writer

Your weekly newsletter section written in seconds.

OFSTED Analysis

SIP and SEF information based on your OFSTED Inspection Report.

Parent Communication

Writes letters to parents or plans presentations to deliver.